At UCBOrganicWaste , we are dedicated to redefining organic recycling. Our purpose is simple: divert valuable organic waste from landfills and unlock its potential as a precious resource.
As an affiliate of UCBEnvironmental, known for pioneering both financial and environmental results, we wholeheartedly share a commitment to Sustainable Sustainability™.
Operating in sunny California, a region with the most stringent food waste regulations, UCBOrganicWaste stands ready to share its expertise and serve clients across the nation. While our sister company, UCBZeroWaste, is dedicated to comprehensive waste reduction programs, UCBOrganicWaste specializes in the world of organics.
Optimizing Organic Waste
Our approach is simple, guided by our 6-step process, customized for organic materials. We prioritize outlets that maximize the nutritional and financial value of food waste. Our programs include animal feed, composting, land application, anaerobic digestion and many more. Our aim is clear: to extract the highest possible value from every morsel of food waste material.
1. Identify Commodities
UCBOrganicWaste examines all organic waste materials and streams to identify its source and outlines the process for each identified material in accordance with U.S. EPA’s waste hierarchy: Reuse, Recycle and Energy Recovery.
2. Organization & Separation
UCBOrganicWaste designs the optimal logistics for non-combining, separating and storing waste commodities, focusing on avoiding contamination, efficient collecting methods and minimizing labor costs.
3. Efficient Equipment
UCBOrganicWaste identifies and allocates revenue-generating and value conserving equipment for best managing your waste material. We have the expertise and industry knowledge to find the best suited and most cost-effective equipment.
4. Maximize Waste Return
UCBOrganicWaste uses its extensive knowledge and network to optimize the net value of all organic waste.
5. Training
UCBOrganicWaste offers full-cycle corporate training at all levels, from material classification and sorting, to collecting methods, equipment usage, and software utilization.
6. Tracking & Reporting
UCBOrganicWaste tracks all of your data into our proprietary software. Users can request material pickups, track waste volumes, see landfill diversion rates and view financial reports, all real-time.

UCBOrganicWaste is part of UCBEnvironmental - Sustainable SustainabilityTM

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